DIY it Yourself

27th Feb 2024
Daniel Frogley

As the cost of living rises, you're probably looking for ways to save money, and home improvements are likely to be at the bottom of your list of priorities. Whether you're thinking of selling or simply want to freshen up your home, with our DIY tips, you can transform your property for a fraction of the cost of hiring professionals.

Paint your window frames

If your windows are looking discoloured and the paint is beginning to flake, taking some time to repaint the frames can transform the look of your property. Painting your outside windows improves kerb appeal and can add significant value.


It may sound obvious but a simple declutter neatens up your rooms and creates more space, making your property feel bigger and brighter. This is especially important for selling your home, as a cluttered home suggests a lack of storage space.

Swap your fixtures

Replacing old and outdated fixtures such as door knobs, cupboard handles, taps and lighting help to modernise your rooms. You can find new fixtures for a fairly low cost and they are easy to install yourself. If you're putting your property  on the market, this simple tip will help buyers envision themselves in your home rather than focus on what needs replacing.

Upgrade your accessories

Neutral colours and ceramic accessories are two popular trends in home decor. Replacing tired accessories alters the feel of a room for a fraction of the cost of investing in new furniture. You can find new pieces at charity shops or vintage boutiques at a relatively low cost.

Freshen up your tiles

When it comes to the bathroom, cleaning up the grout is a surprisingly easy solution to revitalise the room. Using a refinishing kit, you can achieve the appearance of brand new tiles without the cost of undergoing a total refurbishment.


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