Maximising Space in Your Small Kitchen

26th Feb 2024
Daniel Frogley

Are you struggling to make your small kitchen a space where you want to spend time? The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, but limited space can pose challenges. Fortunately, with the right techniques, you can maximise your kitchen's potential and create an inviting environment for cooking and gathering with loved ones.

Here are our top tips to make the most out of your space and maximise your kitchen's potential. 

Colour scheme

The colours you choose for your kitchen have a big impact on the feel of the room - bright and bold colours often make a space feel small and cluttered. A simple black and white colour scheme offers a sleek and modern look, giving the illusion of more space. Alternatively, Scandi-inspired wooden countertops bring a fresh and airy feel.

Open Shelving

The key to maximising space in a small kitchen is to use open shelving and hooks as storage. Keeping countertops clear gives you more space to prepare food, and open shelving means everything you need is easily accessible. You can hang pots and pans from hooks and store dry ingredients such as pasta and rice in jars on the shelves.


Another key consideration is the type of flooring you choose. Large tiles are great for giving the illusion of more space, whereas small tiles require more grout which draws attention and gives a more enclosed feel. If you have an open plan space, zoning areas with different flooring gives an illusional of two spaces without compromising on space.

Seating areas

Whilst having an aesthetic kitchen is desirable, it also has to be functional. Adding an island or breakfast bar to your kitchen can be a great use of space, doubling up as a preparation area and seating area. If you don't have space for this, extendable and collapsible furniture is a great option for space efficiency.


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